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Brand and Identity System

Brand and Identity System


Why is branding important?

Today, the term brand has several – sometimes competing – definitions. Some consider a brand to be the symbols and graphics unique to an organization or entity, others a product or service; still others define a brand as a promise or set of guiding principles.

We use the broader definition. Our brand is much more than a name or a logo. Our brand is our reputation; it is the promise we make to our audience, exemplified in everything we say and do – and the manner in which we say and do it.

What is B​randing?​

If our brand equals our reputation, then branding refers to the strategy, planning and execution to ensure everything we say and do is consistent with our mission, vision and strategic priorities – and is perceived by our audience in the way we intend.

Why brand our un​iv​ersity?

Every point of interaction we have with our audience builds upon the perception of who we are as a university, the things we do to fulfill our mission, and why we are important to our stakeholders. If we do not define ourselves, we will be defined by others.

By taking a proactive role in how we are perceived by our audience, we:

Increase visibility and awareness

A strong brand, applied in a constant and thoughtful manner throughout the organization, elevates the level of visibility and awareness for all university entities. In order to achieve this, we must be clear and consistent in describing who we are, what we do and why it matters throughout all internal and external expressions.

Elevate recognition of our impact and value

Greater visibility and awareness is only the beginning. In order to truly connect with our audience, we must communicate how we are impacting the world through the promise of opportunity, the power of creativity, and the impact of discovery. We must tell our story.

Attract like minds

When we are clear in who we are, what we do and why it matters, we attract others – students, faculty, staff, donors, partners, advocates and influentials – who share our mission, vision and goals. Together, we work to further strengthen our university, increase our impact, and fulfill the shared vision of a better world.

Who is res​ponsible​ for branding our university?

Everyone. Although University Communications is primarily responsible for managing and maintaining our brand, it is the responsibility of the entire university community to implement, support and promote it. Everyone is a potential brand ambassador.

Are there exceptions to brand identity and standards?

Almost never. On occasion, certain production issues, unusual formats or special circumstances may require a deviation from brand standards. These cases are extremely rare and must be approved by the Brand Manager and/or the University of Colorado Brand Identity Standards Board prior to implementation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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