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Why branding?


A successful brand is not its logo, tagline, colors, websites or design direction.

Our campus brands defines their reputation and perception. They are the sum of each person’s individual experiences and impressions—what they think, feel, and respond to—when they interact with CU Denver or CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Our campus brands speaks to the level of satisfaction and emotional connection we provide to our stakeholders. And they are strengthened—or weakened—by everything our audience sees, hears and believes.

Branding is the intentional process of shaping that perception, based on our shared vision, innate qualities and long-term goals.

The value of a strong brand

Our brand is the most valuable intangible asset we own. Our campus brands:

  • Communicate clearly who we are and what we stand for
  • Is credible and relevant, reflecting our current reality and our aspirational goals
  • Resonates with our audiences on an emotional level, and motivates them to take action
  • Differentiate our campus brands from one another, as well as their competitors
  • Builds long-term engagement and loyalty

Why we need a brand

Higher education is a competitive and crowded environment. To the average viewer, most universities have more in common than they do apart. Intentional, relevant and consistent branding helps us distinguish ourselves from the competition and makes us more attractive and memorable.

Our campus brands have tremendous influence, locally, nationally and globally. By actively strengthening and shepherding the brands for CU Denver and CU Anschutz, we positively shape the way people think and feel about us, ultimately impacting:

  • Student recruitment and enrollment
  • Faculty recruitment
  • Alumni participation
  • Fundraising and philanthropy
  • Word of mouth and social engagement
  • Partnerships
  • Stakeholder pride

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