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CU Denver branding

We are CU in the City

As Colorado’s only public urban research university, CU Denver educates a diverse student body through quality academics, ambitious research and creative work, and civic engagement in the city we call home. Graduates gain the powerful combination of immersive classroom and real-world experiences that are in demand today, while the city benefits from well-educated, top talent and a new generation of knowledge that fuels the future of Denver and our region. We are CU in the city.​

Download the current CU Denver messaging guide and identity quick reference sheets.

View, browse and download approved CU Denver logos and imagery.​


Full name / first reference:

University of Colorado Denver

Short name / secondary reference:

CU Denver

Unacceptable use

UCD, UC Denver, CUD, Denver Campus, Downtown Campus, Downtown Denver Campus, any use of commas, hyphens or "at" before Denver

School and college names

  • College of Architecture and Planning
  • College of Arts & Media
  • Business School
  • School of Education & Human Development
  • College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Graduate School
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • School of Public Affairs

Unit names

Whenever possible, the terms "Office of" and "Department of" should be excluded from unit names. For example:

  • University Communications
  • Student Affairs
  • International Admissions
  • Academic Technology and Extended Learning

For more information on using our name correctly, please download the latest CU Denver Brand and Identity Guide.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The CU Denver logo is our primary visual identifier, and the cornerstone​ of our id​entity system.​

CU Denver logo

Alternate configurations​​

To accommodate a wide range of applications and uses, four alternate configurations of our logo are available. Custom configurations or alterations of any kind are not permitted.

CU Denver logo variations

Unit logos

In select cases, CU De​nver​ sc​hools, colleges and units may require further differentiation from the primary logo. In these cases, a unit-specific logo may be employed.

CU Denver unit logos

Use unit logos sparingly, and only when the need to communicate the unit identity is greater than that of the university. When in doubt, use the CU Denver logo.

Custom logos

The development or use of custom-designed logos or graphic symbols for identification are expressly prohibited for all CU academic, administrative, research and clinical units and groups. Requests for exceptions to this may be presented, as outlined in the CU System Brand Identity Standards Guide, to the CU System Brand Identity Standards Board for consideration.

More information can be found in CU Administrative Policy Statement 2025, "University Brand Identity and Trademarks."

Using our logo

clear space and minimum size

Our logos were created as single, unified graphics. Do not separate, retype, recolor, replace, reposition, alter, distort or add elements to them.

For more detailed information, download the latest Brand and Identity Guide.

Logo downloads

Faculty and staff: official logo artwork is available in the Downloads section.

External users: For external access​s to logos and other brand elements, email

​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

CU Denver's official colors are Black and Gold. They provide a clear visual connection to our brand, personality and heritage, ​and should be displayed proudly in CU Denver communications and expressions.


CU Black

Pantone Professional Black C
CMYK 0/0/0/100
RGB 0/0/0
Hex #000000

CU Gold

Pantone 466 C
CMYK 0/10/48/22
RGB 207/184/124​
Hex #CFB87C
Thread/Fabric: Vegas Gold

CU Denver's official colors are a mandatory element in all visual​ communications and expressions.

To maintain brand coherence, it is essential to reproduce our colors accurately. Please reproduce our colors using only the official color values shown above.

Download an Adobe Swatch Exchange file containing our official colors in the Downloads section.

For more information on our color system—including accent color use, examples and best practices—download the latest Brand and Identity Guide.

​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our official typeface is Helvetica Neue (pronounced "noy-a" or "new"). It is available in more than 50 type-weights and styles via​m, and is the featured typeface throughout the University of Colorado System.

font sample

The preferred web-alternative to Neue Helvetica is Muli, offered by Google Fonts.

For more information on our typeface, download the latest Brand and Identity Guide.​​​​​​​​​​


Whenever possible, we use a documentary / editorial approach for our visual storytelling, to engage the viewer, suppor​t our brand, and capture the authenticity and uniqueness that is CU Denver.

sample image sample image sample image sample image sample image sample image sample image sample image sample image

In general, our still and video imagery should feature:

  • Strong points of focus
  • Narrow depth of field
  • Natural lighing
  • Real-world settings and people
  • Genuine action and spirit
  • Honest, authentic moments

To view and download official CU Denver imagery, visit​​​​​​​​​​​​

University stationery—including business cards, letterhead and envelopes—is available to current university faculty, staff and researchers.


The University of Colorado system utilizes a single design and layout for all stationery and business correspondence. Deviations from the accepted format of any kind—including custom layouts, designs, changes in type size or font, or the addition/replacement of logos and graphic elements—are expressly prohibited.

Business cards
business card​​​​
envelope​​​​ ​

Ordering stationery

Printing Services is the authorized vendor for all CU Denver stationery. Use of outside vendors for official stationery is not permitted.

To order stationery, visit or call (303) 724-6414.​​​​

Electronic letterhead

Users may download an electronic version of our letterhead in Microsoft Word format by clicking here.


CU Denver Lynx spirit identity

The CU Denver Lynx spirit identity was introduced in 2013, after a multi-year initiative on behalf of the student body.

CU Denver's spirit identity includes our mascot, Milo the Lynx, as well as a set of approved graphics (known as spirit marks). Together, they serve as expressions of CU Denver pride and enthusiasm, and informal symbols of our values and personality.

Eligibility and use

Use of the CU Denver Lynx spirit identity is limited to CU Denver only. Other CU campuses—including Boulder, Colorado Springs and the Anschutz Medical Campus—may not incorporate the CU Denver spirit identity or Lynx mascot as part of their identification, communications or promotions. The CU Denver spirit identity is reserved for marketing, activities and events that promote school spirit. It should never be used as a substitute for the university's academic identity or logo.

Milo the LynxCU Denver's spirit identity is embodied by our mascot, Milo the Lynx. Through he serves as head cheerleader for our club sports teams, he is also charged with rallying support and building awareness for all things CU Denver.

Full Name/First Use:

  1. University of Colorado Denver Lynx
  2. Milo the Lynx

Short Name/Subsequent Use:

  1. CU Denver Lynx
  2. the Lynx
  3. Milo


  • When referring to our university mascot, use a capital “L.”
  • When referring to the wild animal, use a lowercase “l.”

Spirit marks

CU Denver spirit marks

CU Denver Lynx spirit marks have limited application, and MAY NOT be used for:

  • Academic group identification (e.g., university, campus, schools, departments, offices, units or programs)
  • Administrative unit identification
  • University business cards or letterhead (with the exception of official Club Sports)
  • Email signatures

The following usage types MAY incorporate mascot visuals (upon receiving prior approval from the university brand manager and the offices of Student Life and University Communications):

  • Marketing and promotion of school spirit-focused events (new student orientation, move-in day, homecoming, block party, Spring Fling/Fall Fest, senior sendoff, etc.)
  • Signage, sculptures and other public display elements (permanent installations require appproval from the Chancellor and CU Design Review Board)
  • Select admissions and recruitment-focused communications
  • Official student clubs and organizations

Custom-designed mascot visuals—including alternate logos, wordmarks or other graphic treatments—are not permitted.

For more information on the CU Denver mascot's identity—or to request access to spirit mark artwork—contact

Other CU spirit identities and mascots

All CU mascots, athletic and spirit marks should only be used in accordance with their parent organizations' guidelines and/or trademark limitations, and may not be used by other campus or university groups or affiliates without prior written consent from the campus brand manager or identity standards boards specific to the mark(s) being requested.

For more information on other CU mascots, athletic and spirit marks:

Spirit identity-related naming

All names associated with our spirit identity—including Milo the Lynx, the Lynx and the CU Denver Lynx—are reserved for select spirit-focused promotions and elements. Derivations of the spirit identity or mascot name (Links, Linx, Lynk, etc.), are not permitted.

All uses of spirit identity-related naming to identify with academic or administrative departments, units, offices or programs must receive prior approval from the university brand manager, as well as the offices of Student Life and University Communications.

In the case of permanent naming and signage—the Chancellor and/or the CU Design Review Board must also provide approval.​

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