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University Communications

University Communications


Advertising Strategy, Media Planning and Investment

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​We develop, implement and manage the university's advertising strategy, including setting goals, identifying target markets and finding the most effective means of informing audiences about the university. We also develop and execute quantitative and qualitative research to dig deeper into audience beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, and develop measurement criteria to gauge the success of messaging and placement.

Developing your advertising strategy

When you find that advertising is a desired component of your strategic marketing plan, we can guide you through development of your advertising strategy, provide resources for creative development and connect you with our media agency to aid in placement.
There are several considerations in an advertising strategy. Advertising messages aren’t created on a whim or by a quick flash of inspiration. Advertising is a disciplined art and involves a lot of strategic thinking. Advertisers create messages to accomplish specific objectives. Advertisers determine what you want accomplished, decide on strategies to go about accomplishing, and implementing tactics which make the plan come to life.
In developing your advertising strategy, you will want to look at your objectives, audience definitions, messaging and budget.

Media negotiations, placement, contracts and insertion orders

For maximum effectiveness and efficiency of placement we have contracted with an advertising agency, Karsh Hagan Advertising, to aid in planning and negotiation. With a central point of planning and negotiation, the opportunities to leverage activity across the university can create lower pricing and better positioning. If you are interested in talking with the media agency, please contact Karen Klimczak.

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Contracts and Procurement

If you are placing advertising yourself, please keep in mind that the Procurement Service Center is required to review and sign contracts and insertion orders over $5,000 in value.

Departments now have the authority to sign vendor contracts $5,000 and less per the following guidelines:

Per the University of Colorado Fiscal Procedure 2-2.8, revised and effective July 1, 2011, authorized department personnel have the authority to sign vendor agreements $5,000 and less on behalf of the university without altering the agreement. This means the department may agree to the vendor’s legal terms and conditions. Departments have always had the responsibility to understand the business aspects of the vendor agreement; particular items to carefully review include the cost, renewal terms, and termination requirements. Due to these operational efficiencies, the Procurement Service Center is no longer involved in the process for vendor agreements that are $5,000 or less.

For contracts under $5,000, the department takes care of the payment mechanism (on a DPO or with a P-Card). For contracts over $5,000, you’ll need to put a PO requisition in the system (which the Procurement Services Center then sources into a PO).

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