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Asian American Student Services

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 Soyon Bueno - Program Director

Soyon Bueno

Director, Asian American Student Services


Soyon Bueno serves as the Director of Asian American Student Services at the University of Colorado Denver. She has over 14 years of experience in higher education specializing on recruitment, retention, advising, and student support services. She enjoys her role in helping students get engaged on campus, and providing cultural programming that raise awareness about the diversity and richness of the AAPI community.​


 Kimberly Xiong - Graphic Designer

Kimberly Xiong

Graphic Designer​​

My name is Kimberly Xiong, and I am currently a first-year student enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver. I went in as an accounting major but decided to switch to digital design to pursue my true passions. I’m also working as a graphic designer, for the Center of Identity and Inclusion at UCD. I also take up the roles as their photographer or writer at times. My parents are both of Hmong ethnicity and were from Laos. My dad also lived in France for a time, so he can speak French fluently. Then there's my eight-year-old brother, London, who is a big motivator in my life to always do good. I spend most of my time either drawing, doing my photography, reading poetry, or writing books.​




 Rose Vang - Project Assistant


Rose Vang

Project Assistant

My name is Rose Vang! I'm currently a first-year Hmong-American student attending UCD. I decided to pursue a Biology major because of my passion to become a Pediatrician. My love for working with kids and interests in human biology has become the inspiration to pursue these goals. My career at the moment, though, consists of being an office assistant for Soyon Bueno at the CII office. Some of my responsibilities include creating the newsletters, recording Soyon's budgets, and anything she may need help with. As for some of my interests, I like to watch movies, play the guitar, and sing. Finally, my all-time favorite food is sushi!​




 Audrey Ng - Graphic Designer

 Audrey NG.jpg

Audrey Ng

Graphic Designer

Audrey Ng is a Chinese American junior at the University of Colorado Denver. She is currently majoring in 3D animations and working as the graphic designer for the Asian American Student Services of the Center for Identity and Inclusion. She has worked for the office for a year and has made many flyers and posters used to promote the varioius cultural events held by her office. In her free time, she loves cooking different kinds of Chinese and Latin American foods, playing the piano, playing video games, and drawing. Her parents came from Taiwan and Hong Kong, but spent many years living in Costa Rica before moving to Colorado. This mix of Latin American and Asian cultures in her household is one of many things that inspires Audrey's artistic views and style. Audrey is familiar in using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Maya. She is actively learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to improve her work quality in graphic design. Once she graduates, Audrey plans to find a career as a storyboard artist or 3D animator. If you are looking for any help with animation or graphic design, feel free to contact



 Pajterja (Blossom) Lee - Office Assistant

Pajterjia Lee (2)[1084].jpg

Pajterja (Blossom) Lee

Office Assistant / Event Planner

Hello! My name is Pajterja but I go by Blossom. I am a Hmonng American student attending CU Denver. Both of my parents are Hmong refugees from Laos. They both came to America at different ages but met in Fresno, California. My major is Biology. With this degree, I decided to go into research or working in the laboratory. I find everything very interesting, but with biology, I love learning about the human body and the amazing things it does. As a fourth-year student, I am still open to a different career which could be a good or bad thing. I will be working as an office assistant and helping with event planning for Soyon Bueno in the CII office. I am also involved in the Hmong Student Association (HSA). Some things that I like to do is read, dance, sew, exercise and be creative in my spare time.

 Daniel Tran - Office Assistant

Daniel Tran.jpeg

Daniel Tran

Office Assistant / Event Planner

My name is Daniel Tran, I'm currently a first-year Vietnamese-American student enrolled in the University of Colorado Denver. I graduated from Denver Abraham Lincoln High School and enjoyed theater and music. I decided to major in Music Performance in singing because I want to improve my voice and become a better performer. I enjoy dancing and acting too. I work for the Asian American Student Services program in the Center for Identity and Inclusion. My primary role is office assistant and some event planning. I am glad to be a part of CII because I enjoy socializing with a variety of different people and I am excited to make great memories of college life.


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