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Health Data Compass

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Health Data Compass is the enterprise health data warehouse that integrates patient clinical data from the EHR at both UCHealth and Children's Hospital Colorado (CHCO).  Compass is able to link patient records from both institutions to create a longitudinal record that does not exist within either EHR alone.  Additionally, Compass integrates available *omics data and relevant billing data from CU Medicine on these same patients and provides access to all of this integrated data in various ways including de-identified data sets, limited data sets, and full PHI data sets, as needed.

All data that comes from UCHealth, CHCO, and CU Medicine contains PHI and no data are de-identified or scrubbed on the way into Compass. Therefore Compass can link additional data from sources outside of these institutions​, such as the Colorado All Payer's Claims Database (APCD) from the Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC).  Thus, Compass is a vital source of multi-institutional integrated data and analytic services designed to transform data-driven processes in clinical research, operational excellence, molecular discovery, and personalized medicine.

Compass can act as an honest broker by maintaining PHI when linking data from additional sources such as the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine DNA Bank.  

Compass can provide access to this integrated data in three different formats:

  1. ​De-Identified Data Set.  Compass can provide data to an investigator in a de-identified format by the HIPAA Safe Harbor method and replacing identifiers with random study IDs as needed.
  2. Limited Data Set.  Compass can provide data to an investigator in a Limited Data Set format as defined by HIPAA Privacy Rule.
  3. PHI Data Set.  Compass can provide data to an investigator that contains the minimum necessary PHI data elements as allowed by HIPAA. 

For details to include in your grant on what Compass is and the resources Compass can provide you, please download:2018-0101 Health Data Compass Resources Text.docx2018-0101 Health Data Compass Resources Text.docx.

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