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Module 3: Access & manage form data

Intro to lists


You may need to edit a list item (form submission) after the user has already submitted the form. Before you learn how to edit a list item, it’s helpful to understand the difference between a content type, and a view, since you’ll run into both when you attempt to edit a list item.

  • Content Type : a reusable collection of metadata for a specific category of information in SharePoint lists or document libraries. SharePoint comes with out-of-box content types that act as reusable templates so users can collect and manage the same information in specific situations.

    For example, SharePoint has a Contact content type. The Contact content type comes with default columns of metadata that relate to contact information. Columns include Last Name, First Name, Company, Job Title, Email, etc.

  • View : a feature of a SharePoint list or library that enables you to see only the items that are most important to you or that best fit your purpose.

    For example, say a list has 20 columns in it, but you only need to see 10. You can create a view so you only see those 10 columns. All 20 items still exist in the list, but when you turn on your view, you only see 10.

Why do you need to know about Content Types and Views? Our customized solution for web forms at CU Denver uses both. The Responses list for your form is based on the Contact content type, which comes with 17 default columns. The columns that are displayed on the form use a view – the Basic Inquiry View – to display only some of the columns in the Responses list.


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