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University Web Services (UWS)



Module 2: Develop web form site

Organize form questions


By default, the First Name, Last Name, Email, and Comments columns are displayed on the web form page. Any new column created in which the Add to default view is checked also appears on the form.

Columns in the default view appear on the form in the order documented on the List Settings page, Columns section.

To change the display and order of questions:

  1. Navigate to the web form page
  2. In the Page tab, Edit group, click Edit
  3. At the top of the form, click Manage Your List’s Views
    The List Settings page opens
  4. In the Views section, click Basic Inquiry Form
    The Edit View window opens
  5. In the Columns section, click to check the Display box next to the columns you want to display on your form
  6. In the Columns section, click the Position from Left drop-down boxes, and then select the order in which you want individual columns (questions) to appear on your form
    click the Position from Left drop-down boxes
  7. Either at the bottom or top of the Edit View page, click OK
    The Responses list opens

    The Responses list is empty because a user has not yet submitted the form.

  8. At the top, left of the Responses list, click the title of your form
    Click the title of your form
    The web form page opens.
  9. Check the form to ensure the questions display correctly.

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