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Module 2: Develop web form site

Customize form questions


Although the form works great in its default state, it’s likely that you have a specific set of questions you need to ask your users. To customize your questions, you need to update the SharePoint list that the questions are pulling from.

To customize the form questions:

  1. Navigate to the web form page
  2. In the Page tab, Edit group, click Edit
  3. At the top of the form, click Manage Your List’s Views
    The List Settings page opens
  4. Locate the Columns section, and determine which columns you can reuse
    Locate the Columns section

    Columns = questions for your form

    1. To reuse an existing column, go to step 5
    2. To create a new column, go to step 7

    You must use the Last Name column. SharePoint has built additional functionality into this column (it uses this column as the title for your list items); it will be problematic if you do not use it. If you do not need to gather Last Name in your form, rename it to something that you do need. Keep the type Single Line of Text.

  5. In the Columns section, click on the Column you want to reuse
    The Create Column window opens
  6. Go to step 8

  7. At the bottom of the Columns section, click Create column
    The Create Column window opens

  8. In the Name and Type section, type your question in the Column name field, and then click the appropriate type for your question
  9. In the Additional Column Settings section, complete the following:
    1. Description: optional – does not show up on your form
    2. Require that this column contains information – click your preference
    3. Enforce unique values: click No
    4. Maximum number of characters: default is set to 255 – update if necessary
    5. Default value: click Text
    6. Add to default view: check to display question on the form

    Additional options show up in this section based on the column type selected. For example, if the column type is Choice, you also need to enter the available choices, and choose how the choices are displayed.

  10. Click OK
    The List Settings page opens
    Your new column appears in the Columns section
  11. Repeat steps 5 or 7 through 10 until all your questions are added to the List Settings page, Columns section.

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