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Module 1: An Introduction to SharePoint web forms at CU Denver

Responses list


The Responses list is a standard SharePoint list that collects all the data submitted via the web form. Each time a form is submitted, an individual item (record) is automatically created in the Responses list. Every web form site is set up automatically with a Responses list that you can customize.


The Responses list is essentially a list of all the individual form entries. You manage all form data submitted using this list, not the web form page.

The Responses list with entries looks like this:

Responses test form

Responses List Location

The Responses list is displayed as a table-like icon in the folder of the form site. It is listed below the Pages folder.

Responses List Location

The data in the Responses list can be exported to a spreadsheet for analysis or can be displayed in a list view within SharePoint. See Export Data to Excel in the Access and Manage Data module later in this course for details.


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