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Use simple standalone SWF Files and the Flash Web Part

SharePoint 2010 Web Part Concepts

Simple Standalone .swf Files and the Flash Web Part

It is best to work with the Flash Web Part in FireFox or Safari.
If you have a standalone .swf file that does not use external XML files to feed in dynamic information, you can use the Flash Web Part to display the swf file on your page.  If you are using a more complicated .swf that depends on external files, see the next section.

  1. Navigate to the page where you would like a Media Web Part to appear.
  2. Select Edit Page under the Site Actions menu.
    edit page 
  3. To insert a web part, choose Add a Web Part from one of the web part zones on the page, or place your cursor in a content area.
    add a web part

  4. Select the Insert tab in the ribbon, select the Web Part button.

    insert tab

  5. The web part gallery will open underneath the ribbon. The web part gallery shows the categories, web parts, and a description of the selected web part.
  6. Choose the _Public Web Pages category and the Flash Web Part, click Add

    web part gallery
  7. Once the Flash Web Part is placed on your page, hover your mouse over the title of the web part Flash Web Part. Select the drop down arrow to the right side of this title. Choose Edit Web Part
    web part menu

  8. In the Edit Web Part window located in the upper right of your screen, use the Appearance section to adjust the Ttle and Dimensions of the web part.
    web part edit menu

  9. Expand the Flash Options section of the Edit Web Part window. Specify the width, height, and URL of the .swf file.
    NOTE: To get the URL address of the .swf file go to the images folder in another window and click on the name of the swf file. Copy and paste this URL address of the .swf file into the URL field.
    maximize flash options

  10. Select OK to apply changes.
  11. When you are done making adjustments, Check In, Save and Close, or Publish your page. The page will reload and your swf file should appear.

    swf on page

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