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SharePoint 2010 Reusable Content Concepts

Working with reusable content

What is Reusable Content?

Reusable content libraries provide an easy way to update, duplicate and implement standardized content, images and HTML code. This enables the reusable content to be changed in one place for every page in which it is used.

Integrated University Communications (IUC) and University Web Services (UWS) have created different types of reusable content for you to use—calls-to-action, highlight boxes, information boxes and key university messages. These standard reusable content items are located under the Reusable Content List and then select Content Design Elements.

reusable cotnent

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your content should be a Reusable Content Item. If your answers are yes, we recommend you create reusable content items to use throughout the site.

  • Will the content information be on multiple pages?
  • If this content is not reused on your site, will this content be used on other sites?

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