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University Web Services (UWS)



Module 1: An Introduction to the Foundation Widget

Understand the Foundation Widget


What is the Foundation Widget

The Foundation Widget is a customized web part that enables users to display content on their web pages using a variety of visual features. Currently, users can use the Foundation Widget to display content with the following features:

  • Tabs
  • Accordions

The widget provides a foundation in which other visual features can be built (a slideshow, for example); hence the name, Foundation Widget.

Why the Foundation Widget

SharePoint does not provide a way to display content using tabs or accordions. To fill the gap, University Web Services built a customized solution that provided tabs and accordion web parts for users. Although the original tabs/accordion web parts work, they were an HTML only solution, meaning only users who are comfortable manipulating HTML code can efficiently create and manage the web parts.

To ensure users of all knowledge levels can effectively use accordions and/or tabs on their web pages, and to cut down on the costs associated with supporting the HTML only tabs/accordions solution, University Web Services created the Foundation Widget, which includes a new Accordion-Tabs Web Part that relies on a SharePoint list for content. The new solution requires only basic knowledge of SharePoint lists, hence alleviating the need for users to learn and manipulate HTML code.​


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