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Additional notes & tips for using the Foundation Widget


Additional notes about using the Foundation Widget for tabs and accordions:

  • You do not need to publish your page every time you update/add/delete a list item. All changes you make to the list in the back end are automatically updated and displayed on the front end. You may need to check in or refresh your web page on the front end to see the changes, but you do not need to publish.
  • You can easily toggle your content between tabs and accordions in the web part properties, Display Options.
  • The Foundation Widget for tabs solution only replaces the tabs currently available via web part. The Tabs layout is not affected by the Foundation Widget.
  • University Web Services has plans to convertall current tabs and accordions to the new Foundation Widget. The conversion will be a separate effort.
  • Upon the implementation of the Foundation Widget – currently planned for March 2013, all users must use the Foundation Widget to create all accordions and tab web parts.
  • If you accidently delete your list, it cannot be restored. There is no recycle bin.
  • Accordion-Tabs lists cannot be reused for another web part. There is a 1:1 relationship between web part and list.
  • Do not insert reusable content into the body of your accordions/tabs, as it could break the web part.
  • If you add tabs into smaller columns (navigation, for example), they behave like tabs, but look like accordions.
  • If you want to add the Foundation Widget to a page that currently uses tabs and/or accordions using the previous solution, update the current instances to the new Foundation Widget to alleviate technical difficulties.
  • Do not manage the Accordions-Tabs lists like you would other lists. For example, do not create views, or add/delete columns. The only action you should take in the Tabs-Accordions lists is to add/edit data.

You can change the name of an Accordion-Tabs list in your site files.

  1. Navigate to the list in Manage Content and Structure
  2. Click the drop-down to the right of the list name, and then click Edit Properties
    The List Settings window opens
  3. In the General Setting section, click Title, description, and navigation
    The edit General Settings window opens
  4. In the Name and Description section, Name field, type the desired name for your list, and then click Save

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