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How to setup approval alerts

SharePoint 2010 Page Concepts

Alerts for approval

Send an e-mail alert when a page is changed. You can receive an e-mail every time a particular page has been changed. This can be useful for monitoring updates to an important page. Set up alerts for yourself or other people. Alerts must be addressed to a e-mail address (a university account).

To set up an alert:

  1. Check Out the page.
  2. From the ribbon click the drop menu under Alert Me
  3. Choose Set an Alert on the Page

    setup alerts ribbon

  4. A New Alert interface in an overlay will appear.

    alerts interface

  5. Make sure you fill out the Alert Title with something that will be meaningful to you, by default it will say something like “Pages: default.aspx” you may have many pages that will use a similar title, try to change it to be something distinctive.
  6. Under the Send Alerts To box, you may choose to send alerts to anyone with an email address. Use this feature with care when adding people other than yourself.
  7. Delivery Method should be left as e-mail.
  8. The Send Alerts for These Changes field allows you to select what types of changes you would like to be notified about.
  9. The When to Send Alerts field allows you to choose how often you will receive an email. If the page changes frequently, consider one of the summary options.
  10. You may also remove previously created alert settings by choosing Manage My Alerts from the Alert Me drop menu on the ribbon.

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