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What you can edit on a page

SharePoint 2010 Page Concepts

What can you edit on a page

When you chose Edit, you will see different content areas to edit depending on the page layout you choose. Content areas that you may edit on a page are as follows:

    • Title--this controls a portion of the browser <title> tag, this will not appear directly on your page.
    • Headline--this will appear directly on your page in a large font
    • Subheadline--this will appear directly on you page, under the headline.
    • Page Image--this is intended to hold a photograph of a specific size depending on the page layout you have chosen. If you do not have a photo, use the university photo library.
    • Page Content--this is intended to hold your main textual content.
    • Page Content Sidebar, Page Content Local Navigation--the Page Content Sidebars (aka Page Content Local Navigation) reside in the narrow left and right columns of a page. These areas are intended to hold textual content and reusable content.
    • Web part Zones--there will be several web part zones located on a page, the number and location of the zones will change depending on the page layout you choose. These zones are intended to hold web parts chosen from the web part gallery.
    • Rollup Image--this field allows you to place a small thumbnail image that may be used when this page is listed on the Section home page layout. The rollup image is not used on the page itself, but as a representative image on other pages.

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