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How to restore a previous version of a page

SharePoint 2010 Page Concepts

Restore previous version

To restore a previous version, you must have the page checked-out (edit mode).

  1. From the Page tab, select Page History from the Manage group
  2. NOTE: The version numbering will vary depending on how many times the page has been edited, check-in or published.

  3. Compare versions by selecting from the menu bar on the left.

    drop menu
  4. View the version you want to restore by selecting Version History from the menu toolbar

  5. Scroll the mouse pointer over the version date. Select View from the drop-down menu to the left of the version date.

  6. Choose Restore Item Version from the View menu to make this previous version the current version. 


  7. From the breadcrumb trail, choose the site name (before Pages) to view the restored page.
  8. Select Edit, Check-In or Publish from the Page tab to take the appropriate action.

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