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How to size an image

SharePoint 2010 Page Concepts

How to size image

  1. Locate the image you want to resize
  2. Sign in to the site, click Site Actions, and then click Edit Page
    NOTE: Best practice for web design is to resize photos outside of SharePoint. If you resize a large image in SharePoint it will look smaller, but the computer will still need to load the entire large image file and then resize it. It might impact the response time of your page and will definitely increase the amount of storage space your site takes up on the server.
  3. Select the image you'd like to resize to by clicking on it.
    NOTE: Notice the image should have a black line around the outside with white boxes (handles).
  4. In the Ribbon, under Picture Tools, click Design
  5. Locate the Size section
  6. Set the desired Horizontal Size and Vertical Size.
    NOTE: Check the Lock Aspect Ratio option if you want SharePoint to automatically resize the image based on one size (i.e., select a horizontal size and the system will calculate the correct vertical size so your image is not skewed).

    Description: Ribbon - Add Alt Text to an Image

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