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Module 6: Manage Content & Structure


Manage Content and Structure Introduction

For the entirety of this class, we’ve been completing all our tasks through the front-end of the web site. There is also an administrative side, which is a windows explorer view of all our web sites. Many of the tasks you completed in the front-end view of the web site you can also complete in the administrative side.

To view the administrative side of the web site:

  1. Click Site Actions, and then click Manage Content and Structure.
    The administrative side of the web site appears.

The View

The outline on the left side is the tree view of all the universities web sites. University of Colorado Denver is at the top, and all web sites are organized within the university site by category. Your web site is housed within these site files. Seeing the site files in this view gives provides a great picture of the larger web site, and how all the sites fit together.


Although you can see the entire structure of all the web sites for the university, it is likely you only have permission to view and/or edit the files within your web site.

The view on the right shows what is inside the folder highlighted on the right. Every site has a standard set of four folders – Documents, Images, Pages, and Workflow tasks – and then whatever else is added to the site by authorized users. Your site could have just those four folders, or a long list of folders, lists, etc.

Click on the folders in the left pane to view details about their content in the right.


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