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Module 2: Edit Page


Insert Link

You can insert a link to several different objects in SharePoint, including web pages, documents, and images both within your SharePoint site files, and outside your web site.

To insert a link in the content of your web site:

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to insert the link
  2. In the Page tab, Edit group, click Edit
  3. Select the text you want to link
  4. In Editing Tools, Insert tab, click the drop-down arrow below Link
  5. From the Link menu, select either:
    From SharePoint to browse to an existing web page, image, or document in the SharePoint site files
    Go to step 6 to insert a link From SharePoint.
    From Address to link to an external web page, image, or document
    Go to step 8 to insert a link From Address.
  6. When From SharePoint is clicked, the Select an Asset window opens. Navigate to the file location for the web page, image, or document in which you want to link.
  7. Note

    Source content (documents and/or images) must be uploaded to the appropriate folder in your site files and checked in before you link to it. If you have a new document to publish to your site, See How to Upload an Image or Document at to ensure the document is correctly added to your SharePoint files prior to building your link.

  8. Click on the source file you want to link to, and then click OK
    SharePoint inserts a link to the internal file you chose, and the text you highlighted is formatted like a live link.
    Go to step 10.
  9. Note

    The file From SharePoint you link to must be uploaded to a folder in SharePoint site files and checked-in before users can access the link. Most documents already in the site files are ready to go, but if you want to link to a new document or image, you must upload and check-in the file for the link to work.

  10. When From Address is clicked, the Insert Hyperlink window opens. The text you highlighted in step three appears in the Text to display field. Type or copy and paste the web address into the Address field.
  11. Note

    You can also link to an e-mail address using the Insert Hyperlink window. Type mailto: followed by an e-mail address, with no spaces. For example,

  12. Click OK
    SharePoint inserts a link to the external web address you chose, and the text you highlighted is formatted like a live link.
  13. Put your curser on the new link, and then click the Format tab in Link Tools.
    Link Tools functionality appears in the ribbon.
  14. In the Properties group, Description field, type a description for the link. For example, type "link to Google" if the link goes to
  15. Note

    Adding text in the Description field not only enables SharePoint to display pop-up text when users hover over your link, but it is also essential to inform users with disabilities where the link will take them. Make it a habit to fill out the Description field for every link you insert.

  16. In the Page tab, Edit group, click Check In to create a permanent version of your changes.

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