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University Web Services, SharePoint 101: The Basics

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Module 2: Edit Page


Initiate Edit Mode

To initiate edit mode so you can make changes to a web page, you must first navigate to the page that needs editing. You can use either of the following actions to get to a specific page:

  • Browse to the page using your internet browser
  • If signed in, click Site Actions, and then click Manage Content and Structure to browse to the page using the windows explorer view

You can use any of the following three actions to initiate edit mode:

  • In the ribbon, click the edit icon Edit Icon
  • Click Site Actions, Edit Page
  • In the Page tab, Edit group, click Edit

Edit is different than Edit Properties, which is simply an administrative interface to a page. You can update some of your page content and attributes using the Edit Properties functionality, but the Edit functionality is the preferred, most user-friendly way to make simple changes to your web pages.

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