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Module 2: Edit Page


Change Page Layout

There are several different page layouts you can choose from for each of your pages. Once your page is created, you can also quickly change to a different page layout if your content would work better in a different format.

Although page layouts vary slightly across the different themes used in the University, common pages include a 2-column page, and 3-column page, and a tabs page, to name a few. You can easily change between page layouts at any time.

To change your page layout:

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to change the layout
  2. In the Page tab, Edit group, click Edit
  3. In the Page tab, Page Actions group, click the drop-down arrow under Page Layout
    A menu of available page layouts will open.
  4. Click your desired page layout
    SharePoint will adjust your page to the new page layout.
  5. In the Page tab, Edit group, click Check In to create a permanent version of your changes.

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