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Module 2: Edit Page


Add/Format Text

There are two basic ways to add text to your web pages. The first is to simply type text into the appropriate section of your web page. The second is by copying/pasting text from another application, such as Word or Outlook. It’s very common that people copy/paste a majority of the text for their web sites from other sources.

When we copy/paste text from another application into SharePoint, there are a couple important steps we must take to ensure both that our text aligns to the university brand, and that we keep clean code on the back end of our web site.

To copy and paste text from another application into your web page:

  1. In SharePoint, navigate to the page where you want to copy/paste text
  2. In the Page tab, Edit group, click Edit
  3. In the external application, copy the text you want to bring to your web page
    1. Highlight text, right-click, and then click Copy
  4. In SharePoint, Page Content zone, click to place your cursor where you want to add your text
  5. Right-click, and then click Paste to add the text to your web page
  6. Highlight the text you pasted
  7. In Editing Tools, Format Text tab, click the drop-down arrow under Markup Styles, and then click Paragraph
  8. The CU branded paragraph formatting is applied to the text you highlighted.


    The CU branding styles are coded into these Markup Styles. You have several heading options, as well as a paragraph option. The standard formatting tools will be inactive, so you must use these Markup Styles to format the text on your pages.

  9. In Editing Tools, Format Text tab, Font group, click the Clear Format buttonClear Format button
  10. Note

    When you copy/paste text from other applications, SharePoint adds a bunch of unneeded code in the back end of your web pages. Using the Clear Format button on the text you brought over will clean up all that unneeded code in the back end. Although you won’t notice a change in your text on the page, the code is a lot cleaner in the HTML view.

  11. In the Page tab, Edit group, click Check In to create a permanent version of your changes

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