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Scrolling in mobile browsers fro homepage only. WAS: Scrolling in mobile browsers fro homepage only.

Assigned To

Demers, Scott

Brief Description

​Because of the way the Microsoft implements the sticky ribbon, scrollbars do not work in mobile browsers, including the ipad.

Detailed Description

Homepage-specific version of the alternate CSS global scroll fix​


New, GrahamNo presence information (9/30/2011 3:12 PM): Fix is QAd on included in the Content Type/CQWP News/Events version of UCDMasterWelcome.master (item: 135 release 6.6)
Demers, ScottNo presence information (9/27/2011 5:34 PM): Tested the homepage scroll-fix on the iPad. Works ok on iPad.
Demers, ScottNo presence information (9/9/2011 4:40 PM): Thanks Jen! I completed my testing per the attached document. Also, Graham has put the scrolling fix in UCDMaster.master, but had to pull it from the homepage because it was interfering with the scrolling audience navigation. Graham thinks he has a solution by rearranging the DIVS, but this will not get pushed until our next one.
Perunko, JenniferNo presence information (9/9/2011 4:21 PM): Hi Guys I was able to test as my low level users using desktop browsers, and it was all good, scrolling was fine. I used these pages, and clicked around to a few others. I tested edit mode.

New, GrahamNo presence information (9/7/2011 11:31 AM): Test site links added
Demers, ScottNo presence information (9/7/2011 11:00 AM): Graham , Jeremy and I will do final test plan with a basic outline for all scenarios.
Fulbright, JeremyNo presence information (8/30/2011 4:14 PM): QA is next step. A plan is required. Let's meet to incorporate service pack 1 testing framework.
Demers, ScottNo presence information (8/22/2011 11:01 AM): Read access level contributors are not getting scrollbars or ribbon in any browser. Modify so this problem is eliminated, but read access is retained. Come up with test plan that includes testing for all themes, tests scrolling in all mobile browers. Apply to both homepage and interior master page.
Demers, ScottNo presence information (8/15/2011 1:34 PM): For now, this has been resolved, but keeping this bug in the queue in case future developments neccessitate revisiting the issue. This solution was used:

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Test Procedure for Mobile Scrolling.docx    
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Version: 19.0
Created at 8/15/2011 1:34 PM by Demers, Scott
Last modified at 10/21/2011 9:55 AM by Demers, Scott