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Redirect bridge page traffic

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Demers, Scott

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PROBLEM: Ideally, the 'Faculty & Staff' button in the gateway section of the public web should point
all users to the intranet (, rendering oboslete.
However, given that the intranet is firewall protected, if a user such as a faculty member happens to
not be behind the firewall, rather than receiving a login prompt, the users is given a unhelpful 404.
Onclick of the above mentioned link, the following method pings an image on the
server. If the ping is successful, the user is redirected to the intranet using a method that
should prevent a redirect loop should the hit the back button . If an error is returned, it is
*assumed* that the user is not behind the firewall, and they will go to the link's primary href:


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Content Type: Design or development task
Version: 3.0
Created at 1/22/2014 9:29 AM by Demers, Scott
Last modified at 2/24/2014 1:00 PM by Demers, Scott