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Public Web Forms Revisions

Assigned To

Demers, Scott

Brief Description

The Public Web Forms Site Template is being updated to allow both anonymous and authenticated users to submit a form.


This new feature alleviates the issue that authenticated users cannot submit forms; it also enables users to create forms for authenticated submission.​


Detailed Description

​Revise Public Web Forms site def to allow both anonymous (already supported) and authenticated users to submit to the Responses list via the Form.aspx page even when the authenticated user does not have permissions to do so.

This will allow web editors the ability to create forms for authenticated submission.


Demers, ScottNo presence information (4/2/2013 12:15 PM): Follow-up: AISD could provide a list every form template site. Under scenarios where people are being asked to provide and last name, remove redundancies.
Demers, ScottNo presence information (2/26/2013 11:23 AM): AT the presnet time, we are unable to test a form page anonymously - upon requesting a page, a login prompt is presnted despite all obvious assets being published. Are permissions not set to anon on the subsite itself?
Demers, ScottNo presence information (2/19/2013 12:25 PM): Anonymous testing will only test form submission functionality.

Example Page

Any site created with the Public Web Forms site definition.




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Testing Procedure

​Submit a form anonymously and as an authenticated user where the authenticated user has read only permissions to the Responses list.  Both anonymous and authenticated users should have written new responses to the Responses list.

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Content Type: Bug or Issue
Version: 18.0
Created at 4/2/2013 12:15 PM by Demers, Scott