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Asset Picker Custom Field Update

Assigned To

Miller, Melissa

Brief Description

Update custom field AssetPickerCustomField to SP2010 specs.​

Detailed Description

Originally designed under VS2008, this solution needed to be updated to allow VS2010 dev work which required a new PublicKeyToken.  In addition the solution was changed from WebApp scope to Farm scope.​


Hystead, MichaelNo presence information (11/5/2012 3:58 PM): Tests performed, script attached to this ticket.
Demers, ScottNo presence information (11/5/2012 1:36 PM):

Testing steps on staging.

  1. Create test script with the following steps:
  • Test persistent value for the following:

Site Javascript File
Theme CSS
Theme Javascript

When complete, attach test script to this task, mark appropriate fields and reassign to bernie Johnsen. Please complete by EOD 1//5

Demers, ScottNo presence information (11/1/2012 10:33 AM): Next steps: Michael will run appropriate tests and have done by Friday, Nov 2.
Updated on Staging and SPTest, ready for QA and UA.
Johnsen, BernieNo presence information (10/25/2012 5:01 PM): Should have no affect on end users.

Example Page

All Branding Settings Lists are affected.  Note functionality of all fields where the "Browse" button is used to pick assets to populate that field.  These include: Site Javascript File, Theme CSS, Theme Javascript and JavaScript Library File.




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(5) On Staging: Approved for Production

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WSP Deployments\AssetPickerCustomField\v1.0.0

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Testing Procedure

​Using a test site, add or change data in the Branding Settings List fields: Site Javascript File, Theme CSS, Theme Javascript and JavaScript Library File.  Ensure after comitting the changes that the data persists in those fields and that the site where those fields were changed looks and functions as expected.

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Content Type: Bug or Issue
Version: 10.0
Created at 11/7/2012 4:09 PM by Johnsen, Bernie