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add cursor overrides to base

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Perunko, Jennifer

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​There are spans added and removed around the cursor in rich html fields dynamically every time a user clicks in a content field. These spans are inheriting our styles while in edit mode.
We are going to add a reset to the spans to make editing more pleasant.



Perunko, JenniferNo presence information (4/23/2012 3:35 PM): A good test might be to edit the text on a CTA button. In production the text will break to two lines as soon as you put your cursor in it. That wont happen anymore on staging.
Perunko, JenniferNo presence information (4/23/2012 2:27 PM): /* cursor reset to normal span properties */
 display: inline !important;
 margin: 0px !important;
 padding: 0px !important;
 border: none !important;

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Content Type: Bug or Issue
Version: 5.0
Created at 4/23/2012 3:35 PM by Perunko, Jennifer