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Frequently Asked Questions about SharePoint


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 How do I get a Url Subdomain?

You can request a Subdomain by filling out the form here.1

 What is the Url Subdomain policy?

Our Url Subdomain Policy can be found here.2

 Can I customize the automated response email from a form?

Yes. This can be done by setting an alert within the list of responses. You can find more out about this by clicking here.3

 Can I change my font?

No. As much as we would like for you to be able to customize your site down to the font, we must keep our font consistant throughout our entire site to keep it looking professional.4

 Can I customize my headings?

No. However, you can select several pre-defined heading styles; each style is standardized to provide a consistent design within a department.5

 How do I request to get permissions for a site?

​To get permission to a site you will first have to get approval by your site owners. The site owner then needs to submit a form including all your information and the level of permissions you will recieve.6

 Why are certain elements on my page greyed out?

Certain elements along the side of your site may be greyed out when you are in edit mode because of the fact that this is reusable content. Reusable content must be changed in the back end of SharePoint and it is not recommended that our users do this unless otherwise told to do so.7

 What is reusable content?

Reusable content libraries provide an easy way to update, duplicate and implement standardized content, images and HTML code. This enables the reusable content to be changed in one place for every page in which it is used.8

 What is the difference between XML and HTML?

XML is not a replacement for HTML.
XML and HTML were designed with different goals:
  • XML was designed to transport and store data, with focus on what data is
  • HTML was designed to display data, with focus on how data looks
HTML is about displaying information, while XML is about carrying information.

 Can I embed SWF (Flash) files within my page?

Yes. You can learn how to embed SWF (Flash) files onto your pages by clicking here.10

 Can I use a Mac with SharePoint?

While it's pretty obvious that SharePoint does take advantage of some Windows specific features when you're using Internet Explorer on Windows, the experience can be still be quite full and rich on the Macintosh. You can build new sites, create new content, and you can manage that content, all from your Mac. The trickiest part of this is checking out and editing documents, mostly because it's a less automated task on the Mac.11

 Will you link to my external site from

We would prefer not to because linking to an external site not within the university suggest that the university has some sort of affiliation or sponsorship with said site and we cannot infer those types of connections.12

 Can I use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox with Sharepoint?

Yes. Any of these browsers are compatible with SharePoint. However, we strongly recommend using Internet Explorer (IE). SharePoint has bugs from time to time and IE can give you the best user experience in getting around these issues, which appear mostly on other non-IE browsers. SharePoint has traditionally been designed to work very well on Windows clients, specifically on IE. The reason for this is much of the rich functionality that SharePoint exposes through IE comes via ActiveX controls, which are supported only in IE.13

 Can I use a Google Calendar on my site?

Yes. Users are able to use Google features within their site but will not be supported. You are able to request a calendar within SharePoint that will be supported by University Web Services here.14

 How can I get one-on-one help with my website?

This option is coming soon. From our UWS site you will be able to submit a request form for a one-on-one session with one of the members from our support team.

Meanwhile, do make use of our Online SharePoint Training and the frequent SharePoint Classroom Sessions which include basic "101" training, training on forms and widgets (such as accordions and tabs), plus Open Lab sessions on both the Denver and Anschutz campuses where support staff is available to answer questions in a hands-on environment.


 Do you offer SharePoint training?

Yes, we do offer SP training. You can view our training schedule here.16

 What is the difference between the Intranet and the Public facing Site?

An intranet uses network technologies as a tool to facilitate communication between people or work groups to improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an organization's employees.

A Public facing website is a website freely accessible by all internet users. It has information about a company's business, their products and services, contact information, company history and may have links to other related web sites. It is an information source about a company for its customers and partners.


 Am I allowed to create a custom theme?

Yes. Every School and College as well as Department is able to request its own theme for their site. The theme must be submitted for approval. You can find more information about our guidelines on our site.18

 If I am currently in the Black theme, how do I request a custom theme?

You can learn more about about custom design themes by checking out the Web Identity Standards page.19

  Can I create a web site outside of Sharepoint?

All sites to be built outside of Sharepoint have to be approved prior to building. Please fill out this form to see if your needs meet the requirements.20

 Can I change the background or other presentational design elements of my website?

No. Granting permission to adjust a single element of the university’s website design will set a precedent that will eventually dilute the university’s brand and recognizability. An additional concern is maintainability. UWS does not centrally support design changes; updates we make may regularly break your background. 21

 Can I customize my website’s design to look different than the university’s design?

No. The university centralized all university sites in a single web Content Management System to standardize the way our organization presents itself to both internal and external audiences. The university’s design was thoughtfully created to express the values, ambitions and characteristics of our organization.  Changes to the design could have an unintended impact by diluting the university’s brand and recognizability. The recognition and perception of a brand is highly influenced by its visual presentation. Effective visual brand identity is achieved by the consistent use of particular visual elements to create distinction, such as specific fonts, colors, and graphic elements. 22


Internet Explorer 8 and 9 will provide the best user experience.

  • Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions should not be used; functionality will be seriously downgraded.
  • Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and other browsers can be used, but functionality may be downgraded, limited, or only available through alternative steps.

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