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Student Design Theme

Project Site


  1. Student “Theme”: Produce a visual identity for undergraduate prospective students in the form of a “theme” that will be applied to prospective undergraduate student focused websites such as Admissions, Student Life, Registrar, etc. that captures the CU Denver parent brand, appeals to CU Denver’s diverse student audiences, and sets the university apart from its peers.   To maximize efficiencies, scalability and maintainability the design theme will only include visual elements and not replace existing foundational website elements such as html layouts, base CSS, wireframes, etc. created in the content management system by University Web Services (UWS).  The vendor will not need to develop code and can presented the theme in a graphical format such as Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. As described in the deliverable section below, UWS will provide pdf wireframes that represent the available layouts in our CMS that the vendor can use to create the visual identity. UWS designers and developers will construct the fully functioning website templates based on the approved graphical format. Although the design theme must meet requirements provided by UWS, they should not constrain creative freedom. In fact, this approach aims to excite, inspire, and encourage creative design that allows student focused websites to achieve strategic objectives in an efficient and maintainable environment. This approach is best demonstrated by the website.
  2. Prospective Undergraduate Student Gateway Wireframes: Create a wireframe for the undergraduate prospective student gateway/portal pages. These audience focused gateways serve as homepages for their respective audience and provide the opportunity to include targeted imagery, messaging, calls-to-actions, information, etc. Examples of content for new student gateway include Facebook feeds, student bloggers, virtual campus tours, news, events, degree spotlights, admissions instructions, student testimonials, etc.
  3. Prospective Undergraduate Student Gateway Design Mockups: Create a visually rendered mockup of the approved wireframes utilizing the abovementioned undergraduate prospective student theme.  The vendor will present the theme in a graphical format such as Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. UWS designers and developers will construct the fully functioning gateways based on the approved graphical format.

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