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Wireframe Example

Required content and pages layouts for a new design

The colors, backgrounds, and font sizes on this site are used for illustrative purposes. This site is intended to communicate dimensions and required components required for a new site theme.

Header and Footer

The header and footer must follow the University branding standards. The footer on this page is the standard university footer. It is universal for all of however, additional
custom footer information may be located above it.


Top and left navigation must be designed with hover and selected states. The top navigation must include fly out menus. The flyout menu animation may not be changed.

Breadcrumbs must also be styled using the > character as a separator.

Required Content Components:

The required content components (headings, body copy, links, info boxes, calls to action, accordions, tabs, etc) are used in context on the various page examples.

Required Page Layouts​:

This page serves as a table of contents, each layout that is required for a design is listed separately. each layout must be represented in the design.

Welcome Pages:

Generally one of these pages is used per large site.

Department Homepages:

Department Homepages, generally one of these is used per major subsection, for example, a department within a school. One of these layouts might also be used as a homepage by a freestanding administrative or research unit.

Section page:

The section layout is generally used a front page for each section of the site.

Content pages:

The content pages are the workhorse pages of the site, the majority of pages on a site will use these layouts.

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