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Web Identity Standards

CU Denver Web Page Layouts Overview

CU Denver Welcome Page Layout

The CU Denver web layouts were introduced in January 2009 to promote and build a strong brand identity. These layouts will evolve over time as the web and university’s brand evolves.

The word “Layout” doesn’t seem to exciting at first: it implies unoriginality and boring sameness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Layouts enable you to be creative, and to accomplish more innovative work. The key is where you channel that creativity.

Think of these layouts as a flexible tool that allows you to design, build, and maintain innovative and functional web sites. Layouts provide you with a way to rapidly apply new web development technologies across a site, and to incorporate new content into an existing web site as seamlessly as possible. These layouts accomplish three key goals:

  1. Help you work more efficiently. In an industry where rapid technological development is outpaced only by the rate of web content publishing, any step that saves you time helps.
  2. Help you develop and maintain a user-friendly interface design across your site. Layouts can help you set up and maintain a site that is not only attractive but functional with a minimal amount of upkeep.
  3. Help you maintain consistency with university branding standards.

Page Layout Elements:

Every page layout on the Web is composed of elements, from headings and text blocks to promotions, navigation, and branding. Careful alignment and space allocation polishes your layout to give your pages an overall clear and confident appearance. Without it, scattered elements can detract from the message your site is trying to present. Knowing your elements is the first step in the layout process.
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Page Layout Options:

The page layout you choose will depend on the content you are presenting, and the audience to which you are presenting it. Common page layout types include a welcome page, section page and content page.
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