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CU Denver Web Page Layout Options

The page layout you choose will depend on the content you are presenting, and the audience to which you are presenting it. Common page layout types include a welcome page, section page and content page.

Welcome Layout 

Welcome Page Layouts

The welcome page layout or front doors of your site is your chance to make a solid first impression on your visitors and give a user an accurate idea of the strengths and qualities of your organization. The majority of welcome pages are composed of introductory material and special promotions.

View Welcome 3 Page Layout

View Welcome 4 Page Layout

Department Layouts 

Department Layouts

Department layouts are used for main landing pages within your website that need to be visually unique from the other content pages.

View Department Home Layout

View Department Home (Local navigation) Layout

Section Layout: 

Section Page Layout

The section page is used to introduce a section of your website and give concise overviews for each page in that section. This allows your visitors to quickly scan the purpose of each page or section before choosing to navigate deeper into the site. The content on these pages are important because search engines will often send visitors to these pages.

Content Layout 

Content Page Layouts

Content pages are composed mostly of text and require clean presentation to allow your users to focus on the content itself. Images or side notes are nested within a left or right column.

View Content 1 Page Layout (3 Column)

View Content 2 Page Layout (2 Column)

View Tabs Layout

Web Form 

Web Form

Web forms are used to create simple forms on your website that submit to a SharePoint list.

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