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Web Identity Standards

Secondary Colors

The university's secondary color palette has been developed to assist with design decisions. This palette is not intended to be a definitive or exhaustive collection but has been determined to work well with the university’s primary identifying colors. Restraint is recommended when using secondary colors. As always, university branding guidelines must be adhered to and supercede these guidelines.

The secondary color palette consists of three warm colors and three cool colors, and each is flexible enough to allow for a wide range of dynamic applications.



  • R:137 G:150 B:57
  • HEX# 899639
  • Healthy, Calm, Lush


  • R:213 G:194 B:150
  • HEX# D5C296
  • Tranquil, Simple, Natural
  • R:69 G:126 B:129
  • HEX# 457E81
  • Classical, Peaceful
  • R:135 G:36 B:52
  • HEX# 872434
  • Opulent, Courageous




Light Blue
  • R:151 G:197 B:235
  • HEX# 97C5EB
  • Pure, Inspiring, Calm
  • R:99 G:59 B:27
  • HEX# 633B1B
  • Primitive, Powerful

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