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University Web Services (UWS)

University Web Services, University of Colorado Denver



Web Identity Standards


Breadcrumb navigation located just below the main navigation bar can be styled to fit your local subidentity.

Design Constraints and Allowances

Can’t Change:

  • Placement
  • Font family (Verdana)
  • Font size (11 px)
  • Separators

Can Change:

  • Hover state
  • Background
  • Font color

Accessing code for this interface element

The breadcrumbs navigation is MOSS generated.

Show/Hide HTML
<div class="breadcrumb"> 
   <ul class="breadCrumbs"> 
    <li class="bcNodes" id="bcNode1"><a href="">Home</a></li>
    <li class="bcNodeTerminus" id="bcNode2">UC Denver Academics</li> 

Show/Hide CSS
urrent {
   color: #000 !important;
   font-weight: bold;
.breadcrumb {
   padding: 12px 0 8px 30px;
   color: white !important;
.breadcrumb span {
   font-size: 11px;
.breadcrumb a {
   color: white !important;
   text-decoration: none !important;
.breadcrumb a:hover {
   text-decoration: underline !important;
.breadCrumbs li {
   display: inline;
   font-size: 11px;
   padding-right: 3px !important;
.bcNodeTerminus {
   border-right: none !important;
   color: black;
   font-weight: bold;
   padding-left: 3px;
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