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University Web Services (UWS)



Quality Assurance

University Web Services releases new features, enhancements, bug fixes, service packs, and version upgrades via planned and scheduled releases. As part of the release process, UWS determines which level of testing is necessary, and runs quality assurance test scripts against the planned changes. 

University Web Services Testing

  • Risk Assessment Matrix: A tool developed by UWS to objectively identify the level of testing required for each change made to the system.  This tool identifies which test scripts are required, in which browser, and under which permission levels.
  • Universal Test Site: A website template populated with all supported theme components, permanently placed in a hidden directory in all themes. This template is only editable by UWS and is used to conduct regression testing against planned changes.
  • Quality Assurance Test Scripts: UWS has developed and uses the following three test scripts to uncover new software bugs or regressions in existing functional and non-functional areas of each theme as planned enhancements, patches and/or configuration changes are applied to a testing environment.
    • Anonymous – uncovers problems with the anonymous presentation of the website.
    • Editing – uncovers problems with editing pages in supported theme components.
    • Out-of-Box (OOB) SharePoint functionality – uncovers problems with basic OOB SharePoint functionality. 
    The intent of regression testing is to ensure that a change, such as a bug fix, did not introduce new faults. One of the main reasons for regression testing is to determine whether a change in one part of the website affects other parts of the site.

Web Theme Owner Testing

UWS wants to ensure minimal risk to supported design themes prior to system upgrades. As such, UWS provides detailed information about each item in the release, ensures all changes are on an easily accessible staging server, and provides a period for web theme owners to test all planned changes on their websites.

Web theme owners are responsible for testing all planned changes on their sites, and providing feedback to UWS about any issues uncovered. Thorough testing from both UWS and web theme owners greatly reduces the risk of adverse impacts to the environment post-production.

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