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University Web Services (UWS)



Service Level Objectives

Objectives and Reporting

Service Level Objectives

Ticket Categories

UWS assigns tickets to categories that correspond with the supported theme elements and OOB SharePoint functionality. UWS resolves tickets in the supported categories, but forwards tickets to website owners if they fall into the unsupported elements category .

Ticket Response/Resolution Objectives

  • Response Time: UWS responds to a user within 24hrs of receiving the ticket to confirm they are working on the ticket and provide a status update.
  • Resolution Time: UWS attempts to resolve tickets within 48hrs. If the ticket cannot be resolved within 48hrs, UWS provides notification of progress every 24 hrs until it is resolved.
  • Escalation: A ticket may require escalation to a higher support queue (L2 or L3) if the ticket cannot be resolved within 48hrs due to technical circumstances. UWS notifies the user the ticket needs to be escalated. A UWS team member from the higher support queue responds within 24hrs of receiving the escalated ticket to confirm they are working on the ticket, and to provide a status update.   

Ticket Quotas

To meet the 24hr response time and 48hr resolution time, UWS has adopted a ticket quota based on the capacity of existing support resources. 1 full-time employee (FTE) can resolve 5 tickets per day on average. UWS currently has funding for 2 FTEs for website support, averaging 200 tickets per month. These 200 tickets are allocated to the units in the table below. If a unit exceeds their ticket allotment in a month, UWS still resolves tickets, but cannot guarantee a 48hr resolution timeframe.
​Schools and Colleges ​Administrative Units
​College of Architecture and Planning ​Chancellor
​College of Arts and Media ​Administration and Finance
​Business School ​Health Affairs
​School of Education and Human Development ​Provost
​College of Engineering and Applied Sciences ​Research
​DDC Graduate School ​Marketing and Community Engagement
​College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
​School of Public Affairs
​School of Dental Medicine
​School of Medicine
​College of Nursing
​School of Pharmacy
​Colorado School of Public Health

Premium Support Service

UWS offers a premium support service where designated web theme owners can escalate critical issues to UWS’s Level 2 or 3 support queues and receive a faster response time.

Measurement Reporting

Resolution Measurement
A Time-to-Respond and Time-to-Resolution report identifying the percentage of tickets not compliant with the SLA is generated monthly, and shared with leadership.
Quota Measurement
A report summarizing the number of tickets opened by each unit is generated and analyzed monthly. UWS reviews the report with units that exceed ticket quotas to identify a plan to stay within the quotas.
Ticket Measurement
UWS administers a customer satisfaction survey annually to measure performance against the target service levels.

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