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University Web Services (UWS)



Theme Development

Use of Non-University Vendors

Design theme creation and/or redesign projects can be completed through use of non-university vendors managed by UWS for a fee. Situations that necessitate use of non-university vendors include the following:
  • The design theme must be created/redesigned and implemented sooner than the current UWS design theme project schedule allows.
  • During the Design Theme Request process, UWS determines that the project will take more time than the standard theme development project schedule allows.
  • A UWS-developed design theme project was terminated as a result of delays, special requests, and/or other circumstances driven from the theme owner, school, college or unit.
The school, college, or unit is responsible for funding the project. All costs will be established and approved before initiating the project.
University Web Services will establish relationships with approved, outside vendors to help with the creation and redesign of themes within the website. University Web Services will be responsible for managing the project, including project schedule, creative direction and vendor interaction, to ensure the same degree of service and integrity as design themes created/redesigned in-house.

Projects will be managed using the same project schedule, with the same goals, producing the same deliverables as if it were done in-house, ensuring the design theme can be effectively managed in the university content management system post-production.

University Web Services will not work with any design resources that the web theme owner, school, college, or unit has employed, contracted, or already engaged. UWS is responsible for employing or contracting approved vendors, which meet pre-established production criteria to ensure smooth implementation and management within the website.

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