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University Web Services (UWS)



Design Themes

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to improve service quality and set expectations for the management of Design Themes in the CU Denver SharePoint community. This SLA is a service contract between University Web Services (UWS) and Web Theme Owners within schools and colleges where the level of service is formally defined for websites with a custom design theme in the domain.


This SLA site contains several sections that outline policy information about the following:

  • Web Design Themes - this section describes how themes are defined, which themes are centrally supported, and which specific elements within a theme are technically supported by University Web Services.
  • New Theme Approval - this section describes initial criteria that must be met for a new theme, and provides access to the form that initiates a request for new theme development.
  • Theme Development - this section describes the centrally supported processes for all theme development, and provides examples of how theme development becomes classified as unsupported. It also provides access to the form that initiates all theme development (new, redesign, and/or modification), as well as the current theme development schedule.
  • Quality Assurance - this section describes the test strategy, including both UWS and web theme owner responsibilities, in preparation for changes to the SharePoint environment. This section lso provides details on the implementation of standard maintenance cycles for the SharePoint server.
  • Helpdesk Support Service - this section describes the technical support service provided by UWS, including the ticket submission process, service level objectives, and standard reporting.
  • Training -this page describes the technical training service provided by UWS.

Responsible Parties

Resources with responsibilities in this Service Level Agreement include the following:

  • University Web Services: team in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) that provides website development consulting services to the university community, maintains the website and the centrally supported SharePoint web content management system.
  • Web Theme Owner: web resource in each school/college who manages a specific theme within the domain.
  • Web Administrative Team (WAT): leadership who review theme creation and resolve conflicts within the domain.

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