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Unsupported SharePoint Elements

Unsupported Elements

The following elements are not centrally supported by University Web Services (UWS); it is the responsibility of the web theme owners to resolve any/all issues with the elements in the list below.

  • Theme CSS file customizations: Customizations made to the Theme CSS file by anyone other than UWS are not supported. When resolving an issue, if the Theme CSS file has been modified by non-UWS staff, UWS replaces a non-modified Theme CSS file for further problem solving. The web theme owner is responsible for solving the issue if UWS determines the issue is a result of the customized Theme CSS file.
  • Non-compliant markup in editable regions: UWS supports standards complaint 4.01 html markup specification as defined by UWS does not support code not compliant with 4.01 html markup specification.
  • Custom code: UWS does not support code not developed by UWS.
  • 3rd Party Tools: UWS does not support 3rd party tools such as jQuery, Flash, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Content: Web theme owners are responsible for all content within their website. UWS will forward all content related tickets to web theme owners for resolution. Web theme owners are responsible for testing content when changes are made to the system. 
  • Local or inline CSS: UWS does not support CSS added to a site or page that is not part of the officially supported Theme CSS.
  • Homepage interactive/engagement features: Web theme owners are responsible for testing and maintaining all interactive/engagement features within their website.
  • Advanced features: UWS does not support advanced features that are not included on the supported elements list in this Service Level Agreement.  

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