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University Web Services (UWS)



Design Themes

Supported SharePoint Elements

A SharePoint element is a broad term used in this SLA to refer to the collective group of pages, styles, features, designs, and functionality available in SharePoint 2010. In this Service Level Agreement, SharePoint elements are broken into two categories: centrally supported by University Web Services, and not centrally supported.

Supported Elements

The elements in the following table are centrally supported by University Web Services.

Master Pages and Page Layouts

  • Content Page 0
  • Content Page 1
  • Content Page 2
  • Department Home
  • Department Home Local Nav
  • Section Home 1
  • Tabs Layout
  • Welcome 3
  • Welcome 4
  • Calendar Full-Event Details

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Base CSS
  • Unit Theme CSS

Web Parts

  • RSS Viewer
  • KwizCom Mini Calendar
  • KwizCom Table Calendar
  • KwizCom Large Calendar
  • Content Editor Web Part
  • Page Viewer Web Part
  • KwizCom List Aggregator
  • Foundation Widget Web Part
    • Tabs
    • Accordions
  • Content query Web Part
  • SharePoint list Web Part

Content Design Elements

  • UI widgets, presentation components, interaction models
  • Donate Reusable Content
  • Image-based CTA Reusable Content
  • Highlight Box Reusable Content
  • Infobox Reusable Content
  • Infobox with Image Reusable Content
  • Infobox with Unordered List Reusable Content
  • Infobox with Ordered List Reusable Content
  • Infobox with Definition List Reusable Content
  • Infobox with Table Reusable Content

Site Templates

  • Public web forms
  • Public web site without approval
  • Public web site with approval

Out of Box (OOB) Functionality

Create Site

  • Create site
  • Create sub-site
  • Create page

Edit Site

  • Log in
  • Edit page
  • Add text
  • Check spelling
  • Add image
  • Add link
  • Save page
  • Publish page
  • Change page layout
  • Add reusable content
  • Add web parts
  • Create list
  • Delete list

Manage Site

  • Move site
  • Copy site
  • Delete site
  • Move sub-site
  • Copy sub-site
  • Delete sub-site
  • Move page
  • Copy page
  • Delete page
  • Edit site setting
  • Edit sub-site settings
  • Edit page settings
  • Modify site navigation
  • Modify sub-site navigation
  • Preview site
  • Preview sub-site
  • Manage permissions
  • Configure Branding Controls
  • Configure search scope
  • Set welcome page
  • Specify alternate CSS file

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