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Semptember 17, 2012

Did you miss the SPDAT meeting in September? No worries, here is a quick recap of the discussion:

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is in its final stages of development. A new section has been added (details below), and feedback has been incorporated from the last webmaster review.  Next steps are to provide a final review, and officially sign off on the document.  Details about the final webmaster review will be shared soon.
The new section, Design Theme Service Level Objectives, provides a governance structure and support model for schools and colleges interested in redesigning their web themes.
The Details
We have a hybrid approach to web development at the university. There is a master grid underneath all of our sites that both promotes brand consistency throughout the web site and enables University Web Services (UWS) and Academic Information Systems & Development (AIS&D) to manage site-wide changes and upgrades. On top of that master grid is the design, or theme, which allows each school/college to be visually unique. When themes are redesigned without taking the master grid into consideration, there is a high risk the new designs won’t work properly.
The Design Theme Service Level Objectives provide guidelines to ensure theme redesigns are compatible with the master grid. Sections in the SLA include an approval process, approval criteria, and the high-level development process for the theme update. The following are a few salient points about theme redesigns:
  • UWS will create, modify, or redesign 1 theme per semester (or 3 per year) at no cost.
  • Each theme is eligible for a no-cost redesign through UWS every 5 years.
  • Requests can be made for a redesign outside the 5-year window, and will be prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Specialty redesign projects and/or redesigns outside the 3 per year schedule will be managed by UWS, but completed by an approved vendor outside the university. UWS will provide requirements to the vendor to ensure the new design is compatible with the master grid. The unit requesting the new theme will fund the project.
  • Detailed procedures for the complete theme design process are currently under development.
If you have suggestions for the theme design process, please bring your ideas to the final SLA review meetings, which will be scheduled soon.

Service Pack 1

UWS is starting a project to implement SharePoint Service Pack 1 to our environment. We have completed out-of-box testing with good results – we did not uncover any major errors with editing or managing sites. We’re currently working on a schedule that allows for thorough UWS testing, as well as an extended period for you to test the changes on your sites prior to implementation.
The implementation of Service Pack 1 is our first opportunity to use the testing strategy, and resource cost impact and estimate matrices documented in the SLA. Once we run the numbers and get our schedule together, we’ll share all the details with you.

UWS Project Snapshot

See the UWS Project Status Report for a snapshot of current UWS projects

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