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RAD Self Defense for Men

The University Police Department is now offering Resisting Aggression with Defense, Basic Self Defense for Men. This is not only a class to teach men how to defend themselves; it is a class to teach men to avoid confrontation. The program’s primary focus is the realistic development of basic self defense options for men, before and during situations of imminent or actual assault.

Resisting aggression is a choice. You are responsible for how you respond to any event in your life, and your decisions contribute to your past, present and future. By investing your time and effort into this program, you will be presented with educational options to resist aggression. You will be asked to raise your awareness of aggressive behavior, to recognize how aggressive behavior impacts your life, to take steps to avoid aggressive behavior and to look at how you can be part of reducing aggression and violence.

Unfortunately, in a small number of incidents, physical confrontation may be unavoidable. Our program also provides participants with realistic strategies for men forced into physical confrontation. Resisting Aggression with Defense is designed to empower men to make different decisions when confronted with aggressive behavior. This is the first step toward reducing aggression and violence for ourselves and the ones we love.

Physical techniques taught in the class include:

Communication stance
Defensive stance
Movement (avoidance of attack)
Slap redirection block
Balance displacement
High block
Middle block
Finger jab
Palm strike
Striking with fist
Forearm strike to head
Forearm strike to torso
Head butt
Knee strike
Straight kick
Shin kick
Lateral side stomp
Ground defense position
Getting to feet from ground


  • Students (any school or campus, student ID required) $20
  • Faculty and staff (CU Anschutz, University of Colorado Hospital, The Children’s Hospital, University Physicians, Inc. or affiliates, ID required) $25
  • General public: $30

You must be able to attend the full 8 hours.
The class is open to men 14 years of age and older.

Registration is open 4 weeks prior to the class for University and affiliate students, staff and faculty and 2 weeks prior to class for the general public. Classes are limited to 20 participants. Registration is by payment only.

For more information or to remit payment for registration, contact Officer Kirk Martin at  303-724-0739 or .

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