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Police Department

University of Colorado Denver Police Department

Security Badging Office

Obtain a Badge


To obtain an identification/access badge, please contact your department/division’s designated administrator. If you are unable to determine who this is, we can advise you.

Official Access Control and Physical Security Standards Policy



You are fully responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of your badge. Do not punch holes in or cut your badge. Also, please take care not to bend, crack or expose it to heat; all of these impair its ability to provide access to locked areas.

Outside of business hours (or 24/7 in some cases), many university building doors and parking lots can be accessed only by scanning your access control badge in front of a card reader (rectangular panel located to the right or left of the door or gate). If your badge contains the appropriate access, you should hear a beep and/or see a green indicator light as you pass it within one inch of the reader surface, after which you will have about five seconds to enter the door or gate. Do not hold or prop open card-access doors for more than a few seconds. This will prompt an alarm and/or a response from security.

In the event of a card reader or card malfunction, you may contact the Security Badge Office during business hours or Police Dispatch after-hours by calling directly or utilizing one of several indoor and outdoor emergency phones on campus that ring directly to Police Dispatch. Before we can admit you to the area you seek to enter, we must verify your access authorization and identification. You can also report a badge or reader problem online.


University policy requires the Anschutz Medical Campus employees, affiliates, contractors and students to wear their badges (visible between neck and waist) while on campus and to immediately report a lost or stolen badge to the Security Badging Office so that we can deactivate the missing badge until you find it or we replace it. You are prohibited from loaning or borrowing badges, admitting unauthorized personnel or gaining unauthorized access to campus facilities. Our software records each time you use your badge for access. You are required to protect your badge from damage caused by bending, cracking, breaking or hole-punching, or by exposure to heat, pets, washing machines, etc. If you transfer to another department or school, you must notify the Security Badging Office and follow procedures to obtain a new badge. Your badge is university property and must be returned to the Security Badging Office upon termination of employment, affiliation or student status.

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