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What We Do

CU Anschutz Office of Professional Excellence


The CU Anschutz Office of Professional Excellence​ provides a resource for assessment, education, conflict resolution and remediation regarding professionalism in the teaching, clinical and research environment.

 Professionalism Concerns or Consultations

If you perceive or experience instances of unprofessional behavior on the part of teachers, colleagues, or staff you are encouraged to bring these concerns to our office. Our office is also available for consultation to any member of the Anschutz Medical Campus community.

Unprofessional behaviors include: Disruptive behaviors; actions, words or behaviors that a learner, colleague, co-worker or patient would reasonably consider to be humiliating, demeaning or incivil.  Disruptive behaviors include: verbal attacks or outbursts; profane language; bullying, throwing or breaking things; boundary violations; and comments that are rude, disrespectful, threatening or belittling.  ​​

Students, residents or fellows might contact the Office of Professional Excellence when they:

  • Have experienced mistreatment
  • Need help developing a strategy to resolve a dispute
  • Feel that they have been treated unfairly or insensitively in the educational setting
  • Have suggestions about how to improve the learning environment

Faculty or staff members might contact the Office of Professional Excellence when they:
  • ​Have experienced or witnessed mistreatment or incivility
  • Have concerns about a student or colleague and feel unsure about how or whether to intervene
  • Have suggestions about how to improve the working or learning environment
Responses to Unprofessional Behavior:
The Office of Professional Excellence assesses all reports of unprofessional behavior made by members of the Anschutz Medical Campus. Attempts are made to respect preferences for confidentiality in the reporting process. Each school or college appoints its own professionalism executive committee to review reports of mistreatment and unprofessional behavior and assist with resolution. Concerns are presented to the committee members in order to reach consensus on recommendations that will help remediate a situation. Committee members commit to maintain all communication confidential. The committee assures that the Office of Professional Excellence​ does not act independently.  ​

 Professionalism Outreach

The CU Anschutz Office of Professional Excellence provides presentations to the Anschutz community regarding services offered at the CU Anschutz Office of Profes​sional Excellence. To request a presentation, please email  Please submit your request four weeks in advance of the date of the presentation. Topics can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.

Presentations provided include:

  • Presentations at student, faculty and team meetings
  • Presentations at Grand Rounds

Examples of topics of presentations include:

  • What is professionalism?
  • How to report unprofessional behavior
  • Case studies
  • Resources Overview​

 Professionalism Remediation

​​​​We help connect members of the campus with on campus and community resources that can be helpful in addressing interpersonal or team professionalism obstacles.​​​3


What is Mediation?
  • Mediation is first and foremost a consentual process in which the parties to a dispute come together in an attempt to reach a voluntary agreement resolving their differences. 
What can I expect from the Mediator?
  • The mediator is a third party neutral, someone who assists those who have a conflict they are unable to resolve. The mediator is expected to ensure the mediation process has integrity. The mediator is an advocate for the mediation process rather than for any party. ​
We accept mediation cases where the conflicts may or may not involve professionalism lapses. 

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