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Office of Academic Resources & Services

About OARS

Academic and Student Affairs Leadership Committee (ASAL)

Background and Need:

The reorganization of the university resulted in a change in the communication lines and meeting structures of the Anschutz Medical Campus. The planning for the new campus brought together a group of “academic” leaders from the five schools to oversee the building of the educational facilities on campus.  This group, the Educational Oversight Committee (EOC), has worked together over the past few years to not only deal with issues related to the physical facilities but also those dealing with student and faculty transition, policy and other programmatic decisions related to the buildings.  Now that the facilities are complete and being used, it is clear that a new group needs to continue to meet to create and review policy and other critical educational and academic issues.  This group will report to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (VCHA).  The intent is to solve issues as appropriate and to provide a place to vet issues and policies so that the provost and deans can be assured that all schools and colleges have had an opportunity to review policies and critical issues.  The plan is to invite the academic support and resource persons as issues warrant. The proposed Academic and Student Affairs Leadership (ASAL) Committee will allow the provost and deans to focus on matters such as academic and student affairs vision, fundraising and strategic planning.  The ASAL Committee was activated in 2008.

Note: the Denver campus has a standing group chaired by Laura Goodwin that meets bi-weekly and includes all associate deans (16) and academic support persons (45).  Their agendas include critical issues for the campus (DNC planning, commencement changes, etc.) policy review and vetting for deans and administration.



    • Academic and Student Policy development, review and recommendation for the Anschutz Medical Campus
    • Standing group with representatives from the Anschutz Medical Campus schools and programs to address and advocate for academic, student and educational issues and concerns of the AMC campus and make recommendations to the Provost and/or VCHA and Deans on issues that could not be solved by the committee
    • Standing group at the Anschutz Medical Campus for the university to submit issues for information and feedback
    • Standing group to regularly and systematically obtain objective feedback on the Anschutz Medical Campus academic spaces and programs
    • Prepare annual report for Provost and VCHA


Examples of issues for the committee:

    • FERPA interpretation/policy issues related to use of student photographs
    • ADA issues
    • Student Orientation
    • Graduation coordination
    • Interprofessional Education (IPE)
    • Changes to health insurance and mental health services
    • Policy review for Financial Aid changes
    • Introduction to issues related to domain name and Web Development changes
    • Scheduling and calendar issues
    • Investment and collaboration opportunities in academic support and resource areas – e.g. clickers
    • Review Fee Plan and Immunization Policy drafts
    • Blackboard issues not solved by Bb Advisory group
    • Annual review of educational facility usage
    • Information updates on topics of general interest such as the budget


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