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Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit




Even though it seems that as Americans we "have it all" and that we enjoy apparent abundance in all facets of life, many consumers are now finding that they have new and massive financial problems of a size and nature that they have never seen before. Houses are being lost, good credit is being destroyed and families and financial plans are being torn apart. We use to be a "land of opportunity, with people flocking to our country to live the American dream but truthfully this "land of prosperity" does not paint a pretty picture anymore when you turn on the news. With the savings rate being where it is today, it is true that most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with things like bankruptcy, poverty, excessive debt and credit card ruin looming in their mind. What is it that we are missing? It turns out, what we all lack seems to be AN EDUCATION!!! We are rich in "buying power" but we are bankrupt in the knowledge category. We consumers lack the education needed to make the right decisions and to use our financial intelligence to get us ahead of the game. This issue is only compounded by the fact that most people don't seem to be aware of how uneducated they really are. Usually the need for learning comes too late and the damage to our credit or financial plan is already done. By the time that most people start to realize what they don't know about their credit score, they have already suffered damage to their score and need to do some major "re-planning". Your Credit Score and Understanding your Credit Score become epically important. When it comes to the savings you find monthly by raising your credit score, people are pleasantly surprised. Imagine being "pleasantly surprised" about anything financially related these days!! For most people, credit repair and/or restoration should be step number one on the ladder towards a brighter financial future. Improve your credit score, remove any negative items and start bringing down your interest rates and raising your score today for more money in your pocket tomorrow. Just take a look at the following example: Home installment loans for bad credit guaranteed in California: Principal: $200,000 5.75% rate 30 Fixed non payday loans for bad credit ( ) $1,167.00 / month $14,004 / year COMPARED TO BAD CREDIT guaranteed bad credit personal loans: Principal: $200,000 20.75% rate 30 year Fixed Loan $1,732.00/mo. $20784 /year This amounts to a savings of over $6,780 yearly and over the period of the loan it would amount to a savings of over $81,360! Lets go buy that new Sports Car and take a SPIN! Most people have never even THOUGHT to Calculate the savings or amount of money they are essentially THROWING OUT each month by not being educated about their credit report and score. What are all of us Americans thinking and what are we going to DO about it? Think about being able to GIVE YOURSELF A RAISE in your monthly income each month, without having to work twice as hard at your current job in order to get the next raise or overtime hours. FIX YOUR CREDIT YOURSELF and find yourself on the road to a better financial future. Consumer Publishing Group has created one of the most comprehensive credit repair manuals available, called The Credit Secrets Bible TM. The Credit Secrets Bible has been in print since 1994 and is absolutely essential if you are serious about fixing or improving your credit. To learn more about the Credit Secrets Bible, visit the Credit Secrets Bible Website. Author: Amy Pedersen, is penned as Your Credit Score Secrets featured Credit Insider whose articles provide insider tips and insightful knowledge of the credit industry. Her article topics range from the nature of credit reports to the underlying problems facing credit scoring and the laws which support credit report repair done by the average person.




















Spring 2014


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