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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

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Mission, Vision, Values

Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness

(Download a copy of our Mission, Vision and Values PDF here.)

Identity Statement:

We are the institutional research unit for the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus and are engaged with internal and external customers to promote data-enhanced and knowledge-based decision-making regarding our institution, our students, and our faculty and staff. The ultimate goal of OIRE and the institution is to enhance our students’ success.


Our mission is to discover, collect, interpret, manage, and provide educational, administrative, institutional, and related information to enhance institutional effectiveness and student success through data-enhanced and knowledge-based decision-making among institutional leadership, academic departments, administrative/business units, and student service areas as well as external agencies and the public.


The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness is esteemed by our customers for our data management skills, investigative rigor, qualitative and quantitative analytic and interpretive expertise, and the usability, actionable intelligence, accessibility and integrity of information we provide. We promote a culture of evidence, assessment, and effectiveness by modeling that same approach in our own business practices. Our expertise and content knowledge is cross-functional and broad-based (as opposed to niche-based/specialized service provision) to promote a holistic perspective in our approach and processes.


      • Accountability: OIRE partners with requestors and colleagues in fine-tuning data requests, understanding the request context so that the best possible information is provided and data nuances are well understood. To this end, the staff employ effective inquiry methods to ensure this process occurs. OIRE engages in best practices for data stewardship and survey administration.
      • Accuracy: The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) delivers accurate information and mentors/encourages proper data stewardship.
      • Consistency: OIRE employs appropriate data controls, definitions, and documentation to ensure data consistency and works with data stewards and process owners to do the same.
      • Collaboration: We use a collaborative approach in our relationships with colleagues and customers to encourage inquiry, questioning and integration within the campus community.
      • Communication: OIRE staff members employ clear and professional communication techniques and strategies among themselves and with their customers to foster a philosophy and path of inquiry that leads to greater understanding. Outreach is an important communication tool to articulate our services/offerings.
      • Effectiveness: OIRE promotes the institutional mission as well as educational goals and objectives through outcomes assessment across all institutional units and by providing data and analysis to inform decision-making and promote insight.
      • Efficiency: OIRE staff members are well-organized and demonstrate sound stewardship of university assets and resources. Data resources are developed and designed to promote ease of use across all OIRE staff members.
      • Proactiveness/Adaptability: OIRE takes the initiative in providing information that may improve student success and assist the institution in carrying out its missions.  Additionally, the office adopts approaches / strategies / infrastructure / processes / software that may be new to the office/institution, but that facilitate its mission.
      • Professionalism: OIRE personnel remain highly skilled and current in their professions and practices, promote excellence and responsible data stewardship, and continuously improve through education, evaluation and action.
      • Relevance: OIRE ensures that the information it provides to its customers is on point and understandable, and, where appropriate, actionable.
      • Reliability: OIRE consistently provides services, manages/analyzes/disseminates information, deploys infrastructure, and maintains data systems that the university community can rely upon to carry out its mission.
      • Timeliness: OIRE furnishes its customers with the information being requested in a timely manner.

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