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SGN Encryption Software:  Support Ends Dec 2012


​The SGN encryption software is nearing its end of support cycle and we are transitioning to PGP encryption.


SGN Encryption License Expiration:  December 30, 2012

This message is to remind everyone  that all SGN laptop encryption licenses will expire December 30, 2012.  At that time UC Denver will not renew SGN licenses and will no longer receive support for this product from the manufacturer (Sophos).  Also at that time, IT Services will not be able provide in-house support for SGN laptops since product update patches and upgrades will no longer be available and challenge/response functionality may not be available for expired licenses.  IT Services is strongly encouraging all departments and users to begin making plans to transition to PGP encryption software relative to budget, transition workload, and inconvenience to your users.  Departments will need to purchase PGP licenses during the upcoming fiscal year for any SGN-encrypted laptops that will remain in operation.

PGP licenses are currently priced at $55 each and IT Services labor is available at $75 per hour for those departments that require assistance with SGN laptops for decryption (or rebuild) and for encryption with PGP.  Decryption/rebuild and re-encryption time is estimated to be around 3-6 hours per laptop.  Prior to conversion, IT Services recommends backing up all laptop data to a fileshare or a local backup system.

It would be useful at this time for departments to take into account laptops that are approaching end-of-life.  In some cases, it might make sense budget-wise to retire an SGN laptop and replace it with a new computer encrypted with PGP.

IT Services has not been installing SGN for customers for some time now and we are recommending that LAN Admins no longer install SGN as well.  Instead, we are asking LAN Admins and departments to purchase and install PGP licenses, especially since all SGN licenses will expire at year-end.

And as a general reminder, please note that encryption of laptops is required for all HIPAA departments.

If you have any questions about the transition to PGP, please call us via the Helpdesk at 303-724-4357.

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