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IT Services, Information Technology Services

Apple OS v10.8 "Mountain Lion" Support

Apple Releases Mac OS v10.8


Apple Released the Operating System "Mountain Lion", Mac OS version 10.8, on July 25, 2012. 

IT Services purchased copies of the new OS and began testing in early August 2012. Current Mac OS system users are advised to delay upgrading to the new OS until all critical corporate applications have been verified by the software vendor to be fully compatible with the OS and the overall stability and security of the new OS is verified by IT Services. Please see the bottom of this page for information about compatibility issues with Mac OS 10.8x Systems and applications or resources commonly used on our campus.

Initial feedback about the new OS shows that it may have issues with maintainting a connection with campus network file servers however there have been no apparent or immediate application stability concerns or OS security concerns. Microsoft Office 2011 appears to be compatible with the new OS, as long as Office 2011 is updated after being installed, and testing will continue. Unfortunately most compatiblity and stability issues with new operating systems must be resolved by appying either OS Vendor or Application Vendor patches, which are released at the Vendor's discretion as issues arise. Until testing is completed for the new Mac OS, IT Services will offer only Best Effort Support for callers with issues related to the new Mac OS.

IT Services will continue to test the OS for use in our University and Campus environment, providing updates to Help Desk caller and LAN Admins as they are received. IT Services will be testing the following applications and components/services for stability and compatibility witht he new Mountain Lion OS:

  1. Laptop Encryption Software (PGP) compatiblity
    As of October 2012: PGP is NOT compatible with the new Mountain Lion OS, Symantec will most likely have to release an update, patch or a new version of their encryption software to resolve this issue. 
  2. Ability to "bind" OS 10.8 systems to the University Domain to allow for CU Denver Network Logins
    As of November 2012: Mountain Lion systems can be bound the University Domain and the stability of these systems is being tested.
  3. User ability to access University resources, such as VPN, mapped network drives and websites
    As of November 2012: installing University VPN and connecting to University mapped drives/websites using the new OS is possible and testing continues. Domain Binding to access University resources is possible and the process is similar to that for Mac OS Lion (v10.7x); stability testing continues.
  4. Overall OS Security and Stability concerns as noted by Apple and other vendor/evaluators
    As of November 2012: no immediate/major OS security or stability concerns are apparent and testing continues. Please note: Users with OS v10.8.2 should install the Mac Safari update released in early November to patch issues with Safari browser crashing.
  5. Application compatibility, specifically Microsoft Office 2011, Adobe Flash, Java, Adobe Suite CS5/CS6 software and other common programs
    As of November 2012: Office 2011 will install, update and run without major issues on the new OS, Adobe Flash and Java also appear to have no issues running on the new OS, feedback is still being received and testing on other applications is in progress.

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